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Wind & Weather Data Loggers

These SpaceLoggers have all been specifcally designed for the logging of data from wind and weather sensors. All SpaceLoggers are compatible with RS232 data, plus the W100 can also handle RS422/485 data on a second channel.

The SpaceLogger W100 is ethernet connected, the W50 utilises Wi-Fi and the W10 is a stand-alone logger.

Richard Paul Russell has supplied SpaceLoggers to be utilised in a wide range of applications. Please read our case studies for the wind/weather & environmental data loggers.

Range of Wind & Weather SpaceLoggers

Ethernet connected logger for recording RS232/422/485 data from two wind & weather sensors.

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Logging of RS232 wind & weather data with Wi-Fi upload.
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SpaceLogger W10
(WindLogger) Logging of RS232 wind and weather data to SD card.
Includes 2Gb Memory Card.

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