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WS-15A Display WS-15A Installed WS-15A Installed WS-15A Display
Designed & manufactured in the UK

WS-15A Display

Product code: WS15ADISP

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The WS-15A offers a cost effective solution for wind & weather display and monitoring when using a wide range of meteorological sensors.

Compatible with the WindSonic, WindSonic M  & WindObserver ultrasonic wind sensors and the MetPak weather station, as well as other sensors outputting NMEA wind data.

It has an easy to read 40 character display which shows wind speed in a choice of measurement units and wind direction in degrees, as a wind arrow and as cardinal points.

There is a wind speed alarm output and sensor / system status display.

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When connected to a MetPak weather station, additional displays of temperature, pressure, relative humidity and dew point are available.

When connected to a WindObserver sensor, additional displays of sonic temperature and speed of sound are available.

The five tactile buttons with displayed prompts make operation and configuration of the system simple. Adjustable settings include sensor alignment, alarm, wind speed units, pressure calibration, sensor input, display contrast and backlight. An adjustment lock is provided to avoid inadvertent adjustment of the alarm and sensor settings.

In a system several WS-15A display units can be connected to one sensor or daisy chained using the RS232 output.

Compatible with

WindSonic range of wind sensors
WindSonic M wind sensor
MetPak weather station
MetPak RG weather station with precipitation
• WindObserver sensor
• NMEA sensors

Wind Speed Alarm

The wind speed alarm is configurable as either a high or a low alarm and to avoid false alarm events, there are adjustable hold off and hold on times.
Take a look at our compatible alarm units.

RS232 Output

An RS232 output is provided for connecting to a SpaceLogger W10 (WindLogger), SpaceLogger W8 Wireless or other data logger, computer or radio modem.

When using the RS422/RS485 input, the display can often eliminate the need for a separate RS422/RS485 to RS232 converter. There is also an optically isolated input for when extra isolation of the sensor is required.

Radio Modem Option

The WS-15A display can be used as part of a remote sensor system using Digi Xstream-PKG radio modem to transmit and receive data.  When using these radios the WS-15A will display a signal strength bar to help with optimal positioning of the antenna.

WS-15A Display Unit Benefits

• Digital wind speed and direction
• Wind direction arrow with cardinal points
• Temperature, pressure, humidity and dew point (with MetPak weather station)
• Precipitation (with MetPak RG weather station)
• High or low wind speed alarm with filtering to inhibit false alarm
• Sensor alignment correction
• Sensor/system status code display for diagnostics
• Wind speed in m/s, kts, mph, km/h, or ft/min
• Rugged construction, IP65
• Clear alpha-numeric display
• Display backlight
• Display provides user prompts
• Easy to operate
• Simple to install
• Accepts RS232, RS422/RS485 or NMEA inputs
• RS232 output
• Radio modem compatible with signal strength monitoring

WS-15A Display Modes

• Digital wind speed
• Digital wind direction
• Wind direction arrow with cardinal points
• Pressure
• Relative Humidity
• Air Temperature
• Dew point
• MetPak sensor supply voltage
• Radio signal strength
• Speed of sound
• Sonic temperature
• WindSonic, MetPak and WindObserver status code for system diagnostics

WS-15A Functions

• High or low wind speed alarm with hold-on and hold-off period
• Sensor alignment adjustment
• Selectable wind speed units
• Pressure calibration setting
• Backlight and contrast control
• RS232 data output (includes RS422/485 to RS232 conversion)


• Construction and Cranes
• Agriculture
• Aviation
• Environmental and pollution control
• Portable and roadside weather stations
• Utilities
• Marine
• Health and safety
• Tunnels

Physical Dimensions Width: 140mm (including mounting feet)
Depth: 100mm (including cable glands)
Height: 65mm (including mounting feet)
Panel Dimensions 120mm x 80mm
Weight 0.35 kg
Mounting Surface mounted
Material Light Grey ABS Polycarbonate Blend
Cable access 4 waterproof glands
Power Power requirements 9 to 30 Vdc
Current at 12 Vdc 20mA  to 35mA (backlight on)
Supply Input protection Polarity reversal protected. Internal fuse 500mA slo-blo (Littelfuse 0454500 or equivalent)
Connection Internal lever action terminals for AWG 28 to 22 conductors (0.32 to 0.65mm diameter)
Environmental Temperature Operating range: -10°C to +70°C
Sealing IP65
EMC EN61326:1977, EN60945:2002 (emissions)
EN61326:1997 (immunity)
Display Operation Display Two line 20 character dot matrix super-twist LCD with backlight
Operation 5 keys on front of unit for menu navigation, data entry and control functions
Functions Wind speed
Wind direction
Wind speed high/low alarm with hold on and hold off period
Pressure (when using MetPak II weather station)
Relative Humidity (when using MetPak II weather station)
Air Temperature (when using MetPak II weather station)
Dew point (when using MetPak II weather station)
Sensor supply voltage (when using MetPak II weather station)
Sensor alignment adjustment
Wind speed measurement units selection
Sensor selection
Radio signal strength
Pressure calibration setting (when using MetPak II weather station)
Speed of Sound (when using WindObserver II sensor)
Sonic temperature (when using WindObserver II sensor)
Data output configuration
Wind direction display Digital 3 digits with wind arrow and cardinal points
Wind speed display Digital display with units selection from kts, mph, km/h, fpm, m/s
Sensor status Error code displayed for sensor/communications diagnostics
Connectivity Wind sensor WindSonic sensor outputting RS232 or RS422/485 at 9600 baud in factory default format
MetPak II weather station outputting RS232 or RS422/485 at 9600 baud in factory default format
WindObserver II outputting RS422/485 at 9600 baud in factory default format
Sensors outputting NMEA 0183 MWV sentence at 4800 baud
Alarm output Volt free relay output. Max 24Vdc at switching current of 0.5 amperes. Contact resistance 0.150 ohm maximum
Data output RS232 for connection to a WindLogger or other data logger, computer, communications equipment or additional WS-15A display units
Radio Modem Digi Xstream-PKG radio modem as supplied by RPR Ltd

The manufacturer reserves the right to amend the specification and therefore the information in this document may be subject to change

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